Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Presentation Boards

I guess this doesn't really make much sense without an explanation. I am in a storyboarding class right now and one of our assignments was to develop some presentation boards for a mock commercial campaign "the Trunk Monkey". The idea is that cars can be equiped with a trained monkey for the driver's convenience. We're not just talking about car stuff either, this monkey can do anything from keeping you awake as you drive to answering your cell phone. I chose to show how this trunk monkey can act as a referee for quarreling children in the backseat. He's an amazingly versitle commodity!

I also included a step by step picture for anyone interested in how a presentation board is assembled. I know I always love seeing behind the curtain to see how things are assembled.


Miguel said...

Holy resemblence to Kristen, Batman!

Mindy said...

I want a trunk monkey!!!

Karen said...

Where was that trunk monkey when you six monkeys were in my car!