Monday, August 24, 2009

cool Photoshop Tip

I just found an AWESOME feature about Photoshop that I have been looking for for years! I have always wanted to "solo" out a layer especially when I'm working with hundreds of layers but there was no indication that Photoshop would do that sort of thing.

The other day I accidentally came across this. If you hold down Option and click on the Layer's visibility all the other layers will turn off their visibility so you only see whatever is on that one layer.
Then if you Option+click the visibility of said layer then it restores back to whatever your visibility settings were before you made the change. Well done Adobe, now if you'd just make it known that you have cool features like this....


REM-Brant said...

Thank you, good sir, for the enlightenment. I've also wasted much time poking all those eyeballs individually (and with extreme prejudice).

Ron Jensen said...