Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Illustrations

I maintain a couple of blogs. One of them is a place for me to post the illustrations I have done for the various books. Go ahead and take a look, and give a critique.


Kevin L said...

Fun stuff!
Pres. Monson and Hinkley are quite challenging to draw I bet.

Tyson Murphy said...

awesome. love your work!

Peter Debruge said...

Hey Glenn,

Congrats on the Student Academy Award! I'm an editor from Variety, and we wanted to include one of your profs (whoever you found most influential at BYU) in our upcoming Education Impact Report. Can't find your e-mail online -- could you help me ID the person who inspired you most in school? (The names Kelly Loosli and Ryan Woodward came up.)


Craig said...

Fun drawings here Glen!! Would really love to see the ones from the skate park...they really are great drawings.

Cheers man!!