Thursday, June 03, 2010

Playing around in After Effects

I was messing around with an idea and wanted to explore which is the better scared look: the Wiggler, or the Turbulence deformer?

This is the Turbulence deformer:

and this is the wiggler:


EclecticBox said...

I'd go for a mix between both, in case you can only choose one the turbulence looks better.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Tough call. On first glance I go with turbulence, but actually on second glance the wiggler won, mainly because I think his whole body (including his head) would be moving if he was shaking in his boots.
Cool stuff!

dwilson said...

I'd have to say the Wiggler wins, for me the turbulence looks like a heat wave effect and although the kid's scared he's not cooking.

I would adjust the wiggler though, perhaps separating the effect for the body and head; the head gets tossed about a bit too much currently.

Morgan said...

i like turbulence better.