Friday, May 25, 2012

Cast Max

My boy fell hard the other day and broke his arm.  He's taking it really well, I've been amazed at his patience.  The day his cast went on, I sat down with him all seriously and asked, "How do you feel that you'll be missing the last couple of t-ball games of the season?"  He looked up, and smiled big, "GREAT!!"

I guess t-ball isn't this kid's thing.  :)


Aaron Ludwig said...

He should use the cast as a bat.
Fun sketch!

Marcelo Vignali said...

What a thunk!

Miguel said...

Dude, you rock. You have the most recent blog entry of all the Harmon relatives I know. My sister in law on the Bradley side beat you but I'm still amazed. Keep writing.

Miguel said...

Oh yeah, and sorry about Max's ouwee

kevinzico said...

My kid broke his arm too, kids have a lot of patience. It's fun to see how they have to kind of re-learn how to use their arm after the cast is off.

Cool drawing man