Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Friend Cover - Nov 2016

I was recently asked to come up with an illustration for the front of the Friend Magazine. It was a lot of fun to work on and I actually had a couple of cracks at it.  They gave me the loose theme of Child Superhero and asked that I brainstorm some ideas.  I had about 6 ideas that I quickly sketched out and submitted them for their approval. 

They ended up choosing the last idea, the Super Clean one, and I was pumped because I liked that one the best.   And here was my final image.

Then, as things do, changes were made and it effected my cover.  I got a call saying that they needed me to make another illustration for the cover and they now waned the Sky Writing idea.  I fought back a little bit until they said they'd pay me again.  When did you need that illustration, then? So I rushed through my second illustration which now, I like better than the first one.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  In the end I was actually very grateful to have another swing at the cover.  I don't think the Super Clean idea read very well.  It looked like Quintuplets helping their mom do some chores and the idea wasn't clear enough.  
And for a bonus I added myself tagging my children's names on the side of the building in the Sky Writing idea for a touch of nepotism.  You can see it here. 


A Jex said...

WIsh I could view your other ideas--they aren't showing up for some reason. Only the final cover is visible. I fell in love with your cover design the moment The Friend arrived and we based our Primary's annual bulletin board theme on it! Clever idea, would love to see those other shots!

Glennard said...

Thanks for the feedback A Jex, I went back and changed them from .png files to .jpg and I think that made a difference. And thanks for liking my work! It was a great learning experience and it's fun to share the process with others. I know that blogs aren't really the thing anymore, but it's nice to see that there's still an audience!